Project Description



  • Digital servo-drive for take-up, let-off and winder

  • For motors up to 4Nm/3000rpm

  • External keyboard/display panel

  • Load cell input for warp tension control

  • Master/Slave communication for synchronized weaving

  • Predisposed for remote control and programming unit

Ergotron presents a digital servo-drive for textile looms, which includes their three basic applications:

  • main drive

  • cloth take-up

  • warp let-off

  • cloth winder

ERGODRIVE-LT has been equipped with software required for the three applications. This software enables the operator to control and electronically regulate important parameters as weft density, warp tension and cloth winding tension.

The innovation of this system consists in the synchronism of its four applications. When a variation is carried out on one or more parameters of ERGODRIVE-LT, the other two immediately review and adapt their reference data.

The benefits resulting from this feature are an extreme regularity of weaving and the possibility of dynamic changes ordered either by remote control or by ERGODRIVE-LT itself in weft density, warp and cloth winding tension.

ERGODRIVE-LT can be applied on every kind of loom, both new ones, with sophisticated electronic components able to communicate with serial interface, and on looms, which are not equipped with microprocessor.

On these latter, ERGODRIVE-LT offers to the weaver the possibility of setting and visualizing the weaving data, as if it were a loom of the latest generation.


  • Programmable inputs and outputs according to the application

  • Motor and master encoder inputs

  • Master encoder output

  • Programmable inputs for speed reference and torque control

  • Programmable inputs for load cell, analogic sensor and potentiometer

  • 17 digital inputs – 2 analogic inputs

  • 3 digital outputs – 1 programmable analogic output

  • EEPROM for configuration parameters backup

  • Display monitor in seven languages (ITA-ENG-DEU-FRA-ESP-POR-DUT)

  • Predisposed for having keyboard and display remote-controlled

  • RS485 serial interface for Master/Slave control

  • RS485 serial interface for loom CPU remote control and programming unit


  • Communication software for PC desktop, notebook and pocket PC handhelds