• Digital servo-drive for main drive, take-up, let-off and winder

  • Wide power range and high performances in compact dimensions

  • Easy to adjust and full automatic operating with any kind of yarn

  • Load cell input for warp tension control

  • Master/Slave communication for synchronized weaving

  • Predisposed for remote control and programming unit

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  • ERGOTRON has developed this unique product for bobbin wound fiber tows and tapes for feeding into a rapier weaving machine with NO TWIST.

  • This can be achieved with Carbon fiber, Fiberglass and PP/PE or other tapes.

  • Currently, bobbins with gross weight of approximately 4kg can be used.

  • The space required is about the same space needed for a standard weft feeder.

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  • Winder beamstands for technical fabrics

  • Single axial winder or double with calender

  • Load cell for fabrics winding tension control

  • Fabric roll motorized by ERGODRIVE winder

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  • Modular beamstands adaptable for any kind of textile loom

  • Time reduction in warp beam change

  • Personalized on the weaving exigencies

  • Whiproll with horizontal oscillation for light and medium clothes

  • Whiproll with angular oscillation for medium and heavy clothes

  • Load cell for warp tension control

  • Warp beam motorized by ERGODRIVE let-off

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