Project Description



  • Winder beamstands for technical fabrics

  • Single axial winder or double with calender

  • Load cell for fabrics winding tension control

  • Fabric roll motorized by ERGODRIVE winder

The ERGOTRON modularity of the beamstands construction allows the beamstands to be easely adapted to any kind of textile looms.
The beamstand is made in accordance to the various loom’s widths and it is configurable both for warp beam attaches and for the working distance from the textile loom.
The beamstand can be set in several versions:

  • Single beamstand for top beam arrangement

  • Single horizontal beamstand separated from loom

  • Double vertical beamstand separated from loom

  • Single beamstand for warp collected from creel

The whiproll with horizontal oscillation is particularly indicated for weaving technical articles thanks to its highest sensitivity and the accuracy of the warp tension control made by the load cell.
The whiproll with angular oscillation is particularly indicated for weaving medium and heavy clothes.

The beamstand gives the opportunity to weave two or more warp beams with different warp tensions made by the digital control of  ERGODRIVE let-off on the load cells.